Anonymous asked:

Do you know why they left tumblr? I've always wondered!!

I have no idea what happened to them or who they were. No idea where they were from. They were here one day and then they were gone the next. I salvaged what I could out of Google Cache and posted them here in the archive. If I find any new news, I will post it on my blog, Little Girl Whisperer. Thanks for writing! - LGW



a harder spanking than usual for LMSP.

which made her even wetter than usual.

i’ll post the video of me fucking her in her cute little spanked bum later. she moans very loudly.

for now, there’s this. video ends with me taking her by the hair and pressing her mouth down on my very hard cock. sigh. this is love.




LMSP finally gets her safeword.

(Hot & Cute All Together. Not easy but pulled of wonderfully here)